Breakfast Yogurt Ideas with #alprotops

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been working with Alpro over the last few weeks, experimenting with their delicious yogurts and adding a selection of toppings to make a healthy and nutritious breakfast.  (In that previous post you’ll also see that I used their yogurt to make soft scoop peanut butter frozen yogurt – yum!)

Yogurt isn’t something I’ve ever thought of having for breakfast – usually I opt for a smoothie or occasionally peanut butter on toast.  I’ll have fruit with yogurt as a dessert, or I do actually quite often add yogurt to my smoothies to give them a creamier consistency – but having a bowl of yogurt for breakfast isn’t something that would have ever occurred to me.  But actually, yogurt, with its blend of protein and calcium, is a great way to start the day – especially when you add some toppings like fruit, seeds or granola.

That was exactly the theme of the campaign, with Alpro sending us lucky bloggers a selection of toppings to add to our morning yogurts, from chia seeds, mulberries, granola, goji berries and much more.  I quite often make my own granola by mixing rolled oats, pecan nuts, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed with maple syrup and baking it in the oven, so I frequently added some of my homemade granola to the yogurt as well as one of their toppings.


Their yogurts come in flavours like strawberry with rhubarb and lemon and lime.  The lemon and lime one was absolutely delicious; so refreshing and perfect for summer.  I think it would make a great ingredient for a lemon cheesecake!

As well as having yoghurt with toppings in the morning, on several occasions I also saved time by making them up in a jam jar the night before.  I’d layer granola, then yogurt, then add toppings of dried fruit, chia seeds or fresh fruit (I’d usually add the fresh fruit in the morning).  It’s perfect for a quick, lazy breakfast, or for taking to work and eating at your desk.


I’ve really enjoyed the #alprotops challenge and have loved getting creative with my breakfast toppings.  I’ll definitely be stocking up on their yogurts and I’ll be buying more of several of the things they sent to try including chia seeds (which have numerous health benefits) and goji berries – and I’ll definitely be experimenting with making more frozen yogurt! The plain yogurt is also great to have with other dishes – mixed with mint it makes a great dip to have with Indian dishes.

What’s your usual breakfast? Would you make yogurt part of your morning routine?

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