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Just a quick post tonight as I am all bunged up with cold and I have a hot date with a Lemsip and a bubble bath. Colds are basically the worst aren’t they? My main gripe is that it takes all of the fun of eating away when you can’t a) taste it or b) eat without the fear of suffocating whilst chewing because you can’t breathe through your nose.  And as eating is pretty much my favourite thing to do, I’m feeling quite annoyed right now.

Anyway, this is an outfit I wore to the Blogger Clothes Swap that Hannah organised a couple of weeks ago. I always get quite stressed about what to wear to events or meetups when there’s going to be other bloggers there, but this time I just decided to go quite casual and be ‘myself’ (I don’t know what it is about events that means I normally end up dragging out of the wardrobe things I haven’t worn for years and wearing them instead – so silly!)

I will always love a stripey top and skinny jean combo, I know it’s not exactly groundbreaking fashion but it’s comfortable and easy to throw on.  I know that sounds terribly lazy but I’m really coming to appreciate my own personal style, and right now I can’t stop myself reaching for the jeans…

Stripes outfit post

Stripes outfit post

Stripes outfit post

top: h&m {instore} // jeans: pull and bear {instore}

shoes: bank {instore} // bag: kate spade

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