Bleach London Silver Shampoo and Conditioner Review

As you’ve probably guessed from the house, dog, and ring on my finger, I’m not someone’s who’s afraid of commitment.  And for some time, I’ve been searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner to have a long-term relationship with.  I’ve had recent flings with Redken All Soft, KMS Tame Frizz and Klorane.

So when Bleach London sauntered into my life, with their jazzy labels and promises blast away brassiness, and condition my blonde locks, I was instantly interested.

Bleach London Shampoo
Bleach London Shampoo

// bleach london silver shampoo £5 and silver conditioner £6*

Except for the fact that I’m trying to grow it, I don’t really know what to do with my hair at the moment – do I get highlights again, bleach it all over again (which my hairdresser advised against if I’m trying to grow it) or grow all of the colour out and keep my natural colour for a while.  Regardless of what I decide, my hair is still about 40% very light blonde from where I used to bleach it all over, 30% light blonde and highlights where the light blonde has grown out, and 30% my natural hair colour, which is a dark blonde.  I’ve been wanting to keep the blonde as light as possible but it really been losing its brightness lately so I’ve been looking for a product that will lighten and condition my hair.

I was totally wowed when I first used the shampoo and conditioner; my hair was instantly brighter, glossier and softer.  Using both the shampoo and conditioner means that the silver shampoo knocks out any brassiness, tones and lightens my hair, and the conditioner makes it feel nourished and super soft (as well as smelling amazing!) Safe to say this is a pair of products I will definitely be commiting to – though from what I’ve used so far I think the bottles are going to last ages.

Next on my shopping list is their Reincarnation Mask and Split Fix Serum.  Have you tried any of the Bleach London products?

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