50 shades of grey… bathrooms

A couple of weeks ago, Tom and I finally ordered a new kitchen, after three years of living with the green kitchen, wonky cupboards, and three layers of tiles (yep – every time the previous owner decided he wanted new tiles in the kitchen, he just tiled over the old ones!) So much in our house feels botched or done on the cheap (our conservatory for example, which leaks and has a wonky floor) so it’s going to be amazing to finally have a room in the house that feels completely ‘us’, with nothing inherited from the previous owner’s bad attempts at DIY.

We’ve gone for quite a modern kitchen, and after much deliberation, decided on grey high gloss kitchen cabinets, with a black worktop.  I hadn’t really considered grey as an option for a kitchen (or really any room in the house) before, but now it’s ordered I can’t wait to see what it looks like.  Although it’s going to cost a fair amount of money, being able to order the new kitchen and plan it all exactly how we’d like it has made me realise quite how easy it is to modernise a room, and has me dreaming of sorting our bathroom next – peach walls and more pine cladding than a Swedish ski lodge is what it currently looks like, and I’d love something more contemporary.

So, when CP Hart asked me to share with my readers what my dream ‘grey’ bathroom would look like, I immediately hopped over to Pinterest and started pinning, as well as having a good old nose of  their website.  You can see more grey bathroom inspiration via the #cphart50shades tag and their own board.

My dream bathroom would look something like this – a grey tiled wall and floor and a huge freestanding bath.  Our bathroom is fairly small so we’d want to keep it quite simple and classic.

img credit: bookerboy.hubpages.com

I absolutely adore the Victoria and Albert Amalfi bath on their website, it looks like the perfect bathtub to lay back and have a soak in.  I can imagine whiling away quite some time in there with a book and some candles burning.

I also love this Alumix bowl, plus look at that space below it, perfect for stashing all of your toiletries away!

And here’s another rather lovely grey bathroom as some food for thought – if my bathroom were this lovely I think you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming out after bathtime! 

img credit: bloodandchampagne.com

When the time comes to start on our bathroom (I must wait until we’ve paid off our kitchen, I must wait until we’ve paid off our kitchen…) I’ll definitely be hitting up CP Hart for bathroom inspiration, and maybe one of their gorgeous baths if I save my pennies! If you’d like to see more of what they do, you can look for your nearest showroom, or they also have a professional site for trade orders and bathroom planning.

You can check out my bathroom inspiration board here…

What do you think of the grey bathroom trend?

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