Trek America #Blog4Trek Finalists

Back in February I wrote about why I love blogging, and why anyone considering starting a blog should dive right in and do it.  The post was not only to encourage people into the world of blogging, but to tell you about an amazing competition to win a Trek America trek and the opportunity to blog about the experience. The three entry stages have absolutely whizzed by, with some amazing first entries to answer ‘What would you pack for a weekend away’, some beautiful photos submitted into the photo round, and now, the five finalists writing some really creative and thoughtful pieces on why they should become Trek America’s next top blogger.

It’s been such a thrill to have been able to be a part of this competition and seeing the thought and creativity that has gone into each round.  Judging the photo round was a real highlight for me – the theme was ‘red, white and blue’ and there were some brilliant entries.  I adored Amy from The Camera’s Lying’s clever composition of a girl flying towards the sky attached to some balloons…

… And Alida Bea from Beazie managed not only to impress me with the clever way she worked in the three colours, but made me dribble a little bit too, which is pretty impressive! (Mmm, pancakes).

After the photo round, the ten semi-finalists were whittled down again to the final five, who’ve now been asked to write about why they should be the one to snap up this amazing opportunity.  In case you’d like to peek at the finalists, their entries are as follows; 

Rachel Birchley

Rachel’s final entry really made me laugh, with a video of her showing what she’d do if she won (hint: bounce around a room grinning!

Rachel is a seasoned traveller with a shelf full of travel guides who seems to be itching to get back on the road and hone her writing skills by sharing her adventures with her readers.

Alida Bea

img credit: beazie blog

Alida added some of her stunning photography to reflections on what it would be like to road trip around California, yearning for “the breeze coming through the window, taking photos of my trip, dipping my toes into the Pacific ocean and feeling that warmth on my face.” She finished her evocative post with the words: “The itching in my bones and my fidgetty feet say I’m ready to be on the road.”

Live Laugh Lipstick

img credit: live laugh lipstick blog

Georgina shared some beautiful photos as well as a fun, creative video she’d made as her final entry (worth a watch just for the illustrated dinosaur!). Georgina is a passionate photographer and film-maker and is keen to use these skills to capture her travels should she win.  

The Camera’s Lying

Amy from ‘The Camera’s Lying’ wrote about her passion not only for blogging, but for blog reading – explaining that “Blogs for me, can be just as engaging as stories you read in books, engulfing you and transporting you to another place.” She would like to win so that she can document every moment of the trip, allowing others to live vicariously through her travels.

Tuesday’s Girl

Abigail from Tuesday’s Girl took this quote…

… and decided to tell her own story, via a poem.  I can only imagine that it must have taken an awfully long time to write as it was so well-thought out and beautifully written.  Abigail ends with:

To encourage new travels, and therefore new tales. 

“Tell them stories” she was told “they need wind for their sails” 

She’ll never forget, never stop spreading the word

Of how travelling with Trek America will set you free as a bird.

So “why should we pick you” I hear you ask?

Because I’m the one who will make this trip last 🙂

So that’s the five finalists – it’s going to be very difficult to decide who to pick as my favourite! Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the competition – the creativity, passion and enthusiasm has made me truly proud to call myself a blogger.

Who’s your favourite to win?

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