Suzy Bishop

I must admit that I picked this dress because I thought it was more than a little bit ‘Suzy Bishop’-esque, a la this dress (if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you need to watch Moonrise Kingdom).  In true Suzy Bishop style I teamed it with my crocheted socks and cutout brogues – I nearly brought out a set of binoculars and my wicker picnic basket for the photos but I thought that might be a little too much.

Sheinside dress
Sheinside dress
Sheinside dress

dress: sheinside $33.33* // brogues: glamorous £20*
socks: £3

Just in case you wonder if I’ve grown two extra hairy legs, I should explain that Bodhi snuck in the last picture, he’s such a little devil when we’re having photos taken in the garden!

Rather coincidentally, just after we took these photos we hot-footed it to the cinema to go and see the new Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It was absolutely amazing, I’m so glad we caught it at the cinema as it was so beautifully shot and a must-see on the big screen.  Plus it’s much easier to discreetly spend the whole film swooning over Adrien Brody in the dark of course… 

Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends.  We have some passes for a day at the gym/spa we used to be members of so we’re off so a bit of gym and a lot of sitting in the jacuzzi and steam room.  This weekend has involved a lot of reading, eating and green tea, which has been exactly what I needed.  I’ve read a few great books over the last few weeks so I’m thinking of doing a separate blog post with some reviews of those if people would be interested in that?

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