Happy Days 02

My Happy Days post last weekend wasn’t intended to be the start of a series but I like the idea of focussing my update posts around things that have made me happy, and things that I’ve been grateful for over the last week.  I try and generally be a positive person but I find myself committing the occasional whinge on Twitter now and then, so it will be nice to have a space to reflect on the things that have made me smile instead.  So, here be some little nuggets of happiness from my week this week…

001. BACKSTREET BOYS // I went to see Backstreet Boys at the o2 arena on Friday night with my friend Nicole – she bought a ticket for her boyfriend but he had to go away on tour so I stepped in and snapped up that space! I was a die-hard BSB fan from the age of about 13; my bedroom walls were plastered with their posters and this was actually the third time I’ve seen them live! They were absolutely amazing, the whole show was just incredible – Brian was always my favourite but I think Nick and Kevin have improved with age and might have stolen the top spots…

Backstreet BoysBackstreet Boys

002. Archie and Bodhi playtime // As Nicole and I swanned off to London, her little fur-baby, Archie pug, needed babysitting, so he got lots more playtime with Bodhi! It is so much fun watching them play together, although Archie had to have some time-out time from nipping Bodhi’s face with his little puppy teeth….

Archie pug

003. Signs of Spring // These seem to have disappeared over the last few days, with Spring sunshine being replaced by April showers, but prior to that point I was feeling particularly cheered by the blue skies and blossom trees…

004. Bodhi dog // I missed Bodhi so much when I was away with work the week before last, so I brought him to my parents’ with me last week.  I cannot be without my Bodhi cuddles! I had to laugh at the ‘comfortable’ sleeping position he got himself into when we drove back from my parents’ house on Thursday night.

005. Pinterest // I’ve used Pinterest for a long time but I’ve started getting even more addicted lately, I even spent half an hour yesterday re-organising and re-categorising my boards! I find myself getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest lately and have been getting a lot of outfit ideas from bloggers and street style snaps on there (you may find rather a glut of Breton stripes on my ‘Outfits & Fashion’ board!

And some more…

006. Cashew butter // I’ve found myself a little addicted to this during sugar-free lent!
007. Being home // I’ve loved being at my parents’ house for a couple of weeks but it’s been lovely being back home and sleeping in my own bed again.
008. Eating out // After several weeks of doing nothing but ‘clean eating’, I’ve had a little flurry of meals out over the last few days, with a pub dinner on Thursday, (nachos and scampi, nom), Wahaca dinner on Friday night and a burger at Orange Rooms yesterday.  Back to being good again today!
009. Starting to sort my mailbox // My inbox has got out of control recently (200+ unread emails – dislike), but I spent some time on Friday setting up Windows Live Mail and starting to get it organised and it’s starting to get a little more manageable!
010. New kicks // Scoring some brand new Converse at a Blogger Clothes Swap yesterday because no-one else had teeny tiny feet!

What’s been making you happy this week?

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