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We’ve just got back from a lovely weekend in Exeter, which I’ll be blogging about (of course) over the next few days once I’ve gathered all my hundreds of photos of yummy food and beautiful blue skies.  This is just a quick outfit post from our walk to the shop to get provisions for a lazy Sunday night tea.  My Seasalt coat was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and has been the perfect throw-on jacket for chillier days and threats of showers.  I love the gingham print on the inside.    

Sea Salt coat
Sea Salt coat
Sea Salt coat
Sea Salt coat

boots: barbour at cloggs* // coat: hellweathers mac from seasalt*
bag: kate sheridan [old] // jeans: asos [old] // hat: primark mens

jumper: primark

The boots are also a new addition, they’re Barbour boots from Cloggs.  They’re super sturdy and comfortable and will see me through until it’s flip flops weather (which some people seemed to think was today, put your toes away until at least May people!)

A slightly odd thing happened today when I was getting ready to go out for the day this morning.  I put on a spotty denim Primark dress I’d bought a couple of weeks ago and teamed it with tights and boots.  I looked in the mirror and something just didn’t feel right.  I looked over to my jeans in a pile on the floor and my Nike trainers in my suitcase and I just had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to wear jeans (not sure how I’ve made the notion of wearing denim sound like some kind of lifechanging event there).  Wearing a dress somehow just didn’t feel like me. I seem to buy an awful lot of dresses – I spend an inordinate amount of time swooning over beautiful printed 50s style skater dresses and it’s always the first section I click onto when I visit a new website.  But the truth is, I love jeans.  I love Nike trainers, I love long coats, I love ankle boots, I love baggy tees, I love hoodies, I love jumpers, I love dungarees, but do I love dresses? I’m not sure.  (Have I just made myself sound like a massive casual Cathy, or some kind of slob – should I carry on, I love PJs, I love slippers, I love leggings, I love onesies….)  And what does this mean for my blog? A blog with outfit posts but no dresses? Is that even allowed? I need to think on, but one thing’s for sure, those jeans of mine might be coming out more often.  Sorry dresses, you might be hanging in my wardrobe and feeling a little unloved for a little while…

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