Happy days

I’ve mentioned a few times on here that I’m going through a really busy period at the moment, and I find myself complaining a lot about how much I have on my plate.  It’s something I battle with a lot; trying to stop myself whinging about being over-committed and over-tired and telling everyone how stressed I am.  I’ve been trying to say no to more things (I even wrote a post for High Tea Cast about how busyness is a choice, and making more time for myself) but at the moment it’s mainly work commitments which sadly I can’t say no to, no matter how much I might want to! I’m working away for a couple of weeks but staying at my parents’ house which is nice as it means I get to spend some time with my Mum and Dad, but I have got behind on lots of bits I would normally have time to do at home (blogging being one of them).

The weather however has been kind during the weekends I have spent at home, meaning we’ve enjoyed some lovely Saturdays and Sundays full of beach walks, our first barbecue this year, drinks in pub beer gardens and pottering in the garden.  I’m so excited that the clocks have now gone forward (though not so much the hour less in bed), bringing with them some lighter evenings – post-work bike rides, fish and chips on the beach and strolls in the forest are calling!

The weekend before last Bodhi and my friend Nicole’s pug Archie went for their first walk together, along the beach from Highcliffe to Mudeford.  It’s a relatively short walk but Archie kept getting so much attention (there were even people taking photos on their phones!) that it took us ages, especially with Archie’s teeny tiny puppy steps! Luckily Bodhi didn’t seem to mind, although I think he did wonder why he wasn’t getting as much attention as usual!

Highcliffe beach
Nicole and Archie
Bodhi and Archie
Archie and Nicole
Beach huts
Archie on the beach

We are so lucky to live where we do, and it really comes into its own when the sun is out.  I am making a promise to myself that I will spend more time at the beach this summer!

Other things that I am thankful for this week –

001. Snatching pre-bedtime time for reading (finished Wool this week and really enjoyed it).
002. Spending lazy time with my Mum watching TV and chatting – never normally get to do this!
003. Making plans to go away camping next month – looking forward to barbecues and cider in the sunshine
004. Cashew butter.  No further explanation required.
005. Bodhi cuddles after not seeing him for a week.
006. Being able to deliver training I designed and have it go (mostly) according to plan – feels like a great achievement!
007. Heated seats in my car on chilly evenings.
008. Pretty desktop backgrounds making me glad for spring (downloaded from the bottom of this post)
009. My morning green tea – it always feels so restorative
010. Catching up on trashy telly yesterday morning (I have a Valleys addiction!)

My friend Kate bought me flowers the week before last and they were beautiful. I also learned the trick of pushing a pin through the stem below the head of the flower to keep them pepped up and stop them sagging – genius!


The only thing that I’m not thankful for at the moment is my choice to give up sugar for lent! I was doing really well up until this week and didn’t have as many cravings as I thought I would, but for some reason, about a month after lent started, I’m suddenly craving all things sweet! I’ve been wishing I hadn’t said I’d give up everything with (refined) sugar in it as it’s meant I can’t have a lot of things I hadn’t banked on giving up, like mayonnaise, Matteson’s chicken bites, hazelnut milk, tomato sauce etc.  Though I think I’d give up all of those things forever for a huge slab of Dairy Milk right about now! I’m keeping going by gorging on peanut butter and cashew nut butter but I’m really missing my Peanut Hottie, I can’t wait for Easter Sunday so I can make myself a big mug of it!

Peanut Hottie

What’s been making you happy this week?

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