Five Favourites: March

I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you that this post started out in draft format as my ‘Five Favourites: February’ post, what feels like about a week ago, but actually must have been a lot more, as somehow we’re now 25 days into March.  So I am being a bit of a cheater and turning it into my March edition so that it appears that I’m organised and slightly early, rather than really, really late!  Where is the time going? I am away from home at the moment staying at my parents’ house whilst I support and deliver some training and I’m finding myself doing slightly longer days and then flopping into bed at an embarrasingly early time! I have a 10k run on Sunday which my Nike Running app keeps beeping at me and telling me to do some preparatory runs for but my legs have other ideas…. I also haven’t been on Twitter or able to read blogs as much this week, so I apologise if I’ve missed anything that’s going on with you guys. Saturday is my only full day at home for the next 10 days or so, so I promise I’ll do lots of catching up then (on sleep, as well as blog reading!)

Without further ado, let me tell you about some of my favourite things this month (and last month, ahem….)

001. This quote: 

img credit: the year of lettering

002. Sunny days spent at the beach

003. Sleeping a hundred times better (since I gave up bad sugar for lent!)

004. Being woken up by the sound of seagulls whilst at my parents’ house

005. Having a little splurge on ASOS, and also receiving a jar of treats from them to celebrate #ASOSHighSummer

001. Monica at The Travel Hack asked her favourite travel bloggers their recommendations for their ideal weekend escapes (I’ve now added several more locations to my wanderlust list!)

002. On the Lucky Bitch blog – 38 things you need to declutter from your life

003. I always love Leona’s Wednesday Loves posts and I absolutely adored this post (even before I noticed I got a little mention – promise!)

004. The writing in Meg’s post ‘How Notting Hill (the movie) turned my life around‘ is simply stunning.

005. A massive well done to Charlotte, who ran a half-marathon this weekend! Amazing achievement (she only started running nine months ago!)

Tori’s Tales

The Story of a Girl Who Lives Above Her Means

Water Painted Dreams

Little Nomad

Buckets and Spades

And a little bonus, because we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last weekend and I’m now addicted to listening to this song, a favourite song too…

What have you been loving this month? Any favourite blogs I should check out?

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