Checks and dungarees

Do you ever wake up in the morning and all that you’re sure of is that you want to wear a particular item of clothing, or pair of shoes, that day? I do that quite frequently – sometimes if I’m feeling tired or a bit rundown in the morning I decide that I want to wear leggings to work and then I have to build a work-appropriate outfit around a pair of leggings.  Somehow for me, spending the day in leggings provides enough comfort for me to feel able to spend the day at work (it’s a bit like having a pajama day but not at home and sometimes you have to go to meetings).

The Saturday before last (got a bit behind on blog posts – oops!) I knew that the time had come when I needed to wear my new gold Nike Air Vortex trainers. The sun was out, I was heading to Dorchester for cake with the lovely Gem and I wanted to wear trainers, and maybe dungarees.  When I threw this outfit together I decided when I looked in the mirror that I probably look about 16.  Newsflash, I am 30 this year. THIRTY.  Are 30-year-olds allowed to wear dungarees? I hope on my 30th birthday someone doesn’t storm my house and remove all of the items of clothing I probably should have left behind a long time ago. Age is a state of mind anyway, and since I still get IDed for alcohol about 90% of the time I’m pretty sure I’m still okay for the moment.

Dungarees outfit post
Dungarees outfit post
Nike Air Vortex

Dungarees outfit post
Nike Womens Air Vortex

shirt: superdry [old] // dungarees: primark

hat: neff [old] // trainers: foot asylum, £44.99

I did wear tights of course, because even though it’s pretty clear it’s basically summer now, I’m not quite brave enough to show that much naked leg.  

I am in an excited mood today as we get to go and pick up Bodhi from my parents tonight; he’s been holidaying over there for a week or so whilst we were away in Exeter and Tom was away on course so we’ve really missed him.  It’s also my Dad’s birthday so he’ll be getting some prezzies from me AND I’ll also be giving a big ‘get well soon’ hug to my Mum, who fell down the stairs yesterday and broke her ankle – the worst bit? They cut off her favourite trousers and a pair of her boots! Poor old Mummy!

Hope you’re all having lovely Wednesdays and enjoying the sunshine (if you have some where you are!)

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