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I have had this dress hanging on the back of my wardrobe door for a couple of weeks now, the print never fails to put a smile on my face as it’s so fun.  I should explain the ‘back of the wardrobe door’ thing – basically I have one wardrobe door permanently open and when I get something new I hang it on the door so that it doesn’t just get absorbed into my wardrobe and disappear forever.  I like to make sure I enjoy a new item and get a bit of pleasure out of it before it gets tucked away – is that weird?

This dress was a must-have as soon as I spotted it, I love the shape, the long sleeves, and what’s not to like about a print made of up of bees? I must admit, I probably should have worn it with tights, but I have come to a bit of a conclusion over the last few weeks – I HATE TIGHTS.  Also, I think it’s a pretty universally British rule, that if the sun is out, that means it’s summer, and summer means… no tights, right?

Bug dress
Bug dress

Bug dress

dress: sheinside.com $30.98* //  boots: glamorous £35*

The boots I’m wearing are my current favourites – I’ve been after a pair of cutout boots for ages and this pair from Glamorous are perfect.  I think they look great with dresses or skinny jeans and they’re really comfy for stomping around in.

Glamorous Boots

This outfit will be staying on for Tom and I’s little date night tonight – I’ve been working a lot of long hours at work and I’m away from Sunday for a couple of weeks so we’re trying to fit in a bit of quality time and a bit of ‘relaxing time’ around that.  We were thinking of going out (I’m desperate to go to the cinema to see the Grand Budapest Hotel) but during a busy time the main thing I want to do is curl up on the sofa and chill and eat some good food.  Tom is preparing a yummy dinner as I type this, and I have made Nic’s Nutrition’s Healthy Cheesecake for afters!

The decision to stay in with cheesecake and last night’s Valleys episode on catchup was definitely a welcome one, but I did check out the Ladbrokes Date Generator for some other inspiration, as it claims to have discovered the science behind the perfect date.  It told me we should go bowling and then for fish and chips, which sounds pretty good to me (although getting beaten at bowling by Tom for about the fourth time, not so much). Will put that one down on the list for next time (mmmm, fish and chips….)

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{date generator provided by ladbrokes}