Health and Fitness Update 02

The last week or so has been the first time for a while that I’ve really felt committed to my health and fitness goals and I’ve really felt determined to make all of those positive changes happen.  I had a bit of an epiphany the weekend before last, which I am calling ‘What would a healthy person do’.  I was thinking of those people I see on blogs, people I know, people on instagram, who have enviably healthy lifestyles – who whip up delicious, healthy food and seem to always be working out or being active.  They have an attitude towards health and fitness that guides their day to day choices, their wants, needs, values and so on.  I have an attitude towards health and fitness that says it’s a chore, hard work, focussed on denial and guilt.  I feel cross with myself when I slip up, and envious of those bronzed siz-packs in Nike Pro shorts I see on my instagram feed when I wake up in the morning.

When I am driving home from work and I’m tired, and there’s no food in the house, I dream of pizza.  When I forget to bring lunch to work, I think of McDonalds.  I am still that little kid that saved her lunch money and spent it on Wham Bars and Chomps at the Happy Shopper on the way home.  The truth is, all of my favourite foods are the really, really bad ones, and all of my favourite activities involve being horizontal. Unless I try, my default is to be an unhealthy person.  Okay, I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, and once I force myself out of the door and am out there, I do enjoy running, but on the whole, unless I watch myself, I can make some pretty bad choices.

This is where my idea of ‘What would a healthy person do’ came from.  My new idea is that if I try and change that filter that my decisions and opinions go through, I can become someone who is naturally healthy and active.  Lik, what about when I’m driving home from work and I have no food in the house, I stop off at Sainsbury’s and whip up a really healthy, tasty dinner? What about if I forget my lunch I go out and buy a salad and some fruit? What about if I feel weird if I don’t do yoga every day, or I step up my running so I look forward to my morning runs?  I truly believe that this can happen.

This is what has spurred me on to make salads and wraps for work lunches, and pack fruit for snacks. This is what motivated me to go to my yoga class last Wednesday, run 6k on Sunday and whip up delicious dinners like Lisette’s pomegranate, butternut squash, feta and quinoa salad.

This is what has got me out of bed in the morning to do a kettlebell routine, try and firm those abs with my new Slendertone belt, and make a healthy smoothie or juice.


slendertone flex, £49.99*

gifted as part of a healthy living campaign I’m working on with argos

I’ve been trying to eat clean and keep active this week.  My FitBit Flex helps me make sure I hit my steps and calorie burn target and I’ve been trying to get some early nights and fit in some ‘chill time’ to make sure I don’t burn myself out.  I’ve been recommended some vitamins and supplements to help fix my damaged hair and nails and I’ve been taking these along with multivitamins, which will also hopefully improve my overall health.


I’m pleased to report that this week I’ve lost just over a lb, which is definitely a step in the right direction.  I’m really hoping that all of these positive changes will yield great results over the coming weeks and months.  I’d love to feel confident about my body again.

Have you ticked off any health and fitness goals this week?

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