Weekly Wishlist 01

Wow, so this is a bit of a bumper wishlist – I’m not quite sure why I’m so full of lust for new things this month, I guess it’s because January is always heralded as a time for reinvention and it turns out, I want to reinvent my shoe collection, my wardrobe and my haircare regime! The first shoes are from M&S – I wanted them when they were full price, hesitated when they were reduced to £49 and then they went down to £29 and immediately sold out in my size! So I will never be able to own them sadly but I’m including them in case anyone wants to pick up some beautiful shoes! The haircare items are because I’m trying desperately to grow my hair, treat it better and style it using less heat – I’ve bought some new shampoos, conditioners and treatments but I love the sound of the serum and the big hair brush. I am trying to stop myself buying the final coat – I saw Ellie Harrison wearing a similar one on Countryfile (where I get all of my style inspiration from, obvs) and I rather fell in love!

ponyskin wedge boots // marks and spencer // £29
bellfield checked shirt //  // £30
beauty in the air dress //  // $29.99
asos petite blazer //// £25
asos premium midi dress // // £105
grow gorgeous hair serum // boots // £29.99
air max 1 vintage nikes // foot asylum // £49.99
asos petite quilted skater dress //// £20
dolce and gabbana sunglasses // smart buy glasses // £143.95
babyliss big hair spinning brush // boots // £44.99
ghost sweetheart // fragrance expert // £17.43
useful pouch // sticker stack // £15
jillian michaels yoga meltdown // amazon // £10.65
hello flawless oxygen wow foundation // // £25.50
aigle fishlong parka // outdoor and country // £139

What are you lusting after this month? I may have already treated myself to some Lush and Body Shop bits in the sales, replaced my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, bought some fitness DVDs and a hula hoop and picked up some Nike trainers in the ASOS sale so I have decided that I really don’t need any more things this month! Though it might not sound like it I am actually desperately trying to save at the moment (for the wedding and a potential holiday, though the second might not be possible) so I have drawn the line at splashing out on anything else.  For the moment…

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{ this post contains affiliate links, however these are items I do genuinely want and
are not included for the purpose of commission! this post also contains one collaborative link}