I had big dreams for photographing this dress – it truly deserves to be flaunted at a funfair with candy floss, being twirled by the seashore or being draped with a (faux) fur stole and taken to dinner.  Sadly the weather has put paid to those plans (will it ever stop raining? Must I build an ark and find another fluffy white dog to pair with Bodhi and sail away?) – and so it has had to put up with being twirled in my hall and flaunted in the confines of my home only. But it shall have its day!

Voodoo Vixen Roxy

Voodoo Vixen Roxy


dress: voodoo vixen, £49.99* // shoes: vivienne westwood/melissa dupes

The beautiful Roxy dress is from Voodoo Vixen, who make vintage-inspired clothes with an infusion of rockabilly, retro and pin-up styles.  This dress is very well-made, fully lined and with a very flattering shape. For anyone who likes vintage-inspired clothing this site will be well up your street.

I think if I had to pick an era to grow up in it would have been the 50s.  I’d love to have sported beehive haircuts, gone to roller discos and worn horn-rimmed glasses and bomber jackets. I think I’d have liked to have been a greaser girl like Rizzo, with tattoos, big sunglasses, pencil skirts, bandannas and victory rolls.  I did once master a beehive for a vintage party, it took flippin’ ages, though it was fun – this is from back in March 2012!

Are you a fan of vintage, or vintage-inspired fashion? Which era would you have liked to have grown up in?

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PS – Just a quick note to say a huge thankyou, from the bottom of my heart, to anyone who has read, commented, tweeted, or emailed me after my last post.  It means more than you could know to know I have your support and that there are others going through the same things and trying to find ways to make improvements, be more positive and find that inner peace.