#AlproAM Smoothie Challenge

Alpro Soya milk (usually their almond milk or hazelnut milk) is a staple product in our food shops.  I have it with smoothies or cereal in the mornings and Tom enjoys it in a latté.  We’ve been buying soya milk as far back as I can remember – when I was calorie counting on MyFitnessPal or even doing a low-carb diet it was always a healthier, lower calorie, lower fat and more nutritious breakfast choice than dairy milk (the milk, not the chocolate, though I have been known to have Dairy Milk for breakfast).

So when Alpro got in contact to ask me if I’d like to join in on their #AlproAM smoothie challenge, it was a no-brainer.  I actually whip up smoothies most mornings as I find them a quick and easy way to get some fruit intake and fill me up for the morning, so I was excited to use their recipes and follow the other bloggers getting in on the smoothie action.

Alpro sent us some amazing kits to help us on our smoothie making journeys, including a set of their yummy milks to get whipping up some creations.  I have been enthusiastically following the hashtag and eyeing up some of the amazing recipes that have been popping up in the blogosphere.  I am particularly excited to try the recipes from these lovely bloggers….

Nathalie’s kiwi, spinach and lemon smoothie

Carole’s seven smoothie ideas (love the one with matcha green tea)

Megan’s seven recipes (definitely trying avocado, banana and peanut butter!)

Laura’s six recipes (blueberry cheesecake and cherry beetroot sound divine!)

I’m only on day two of the seven day smoothie challenge, and my creations so far have been juicing the contents of my fruit bowl with some blueberries and making a very yummy and fruity smoothie, and creating an Eton Mess smoothie which tasted more like a dessert than anything remotely healthy!

My two recipes so far are below.  What are your favourite smoothie recipes?

Smoothie #alproAM

Smoothie #AlproAM
Smoothie #AlproAM
Smoothie #alproAM

Fruitbowl smoothie {above}
1. Juice three small pears (or two large ones), two apples and a handful of blueberries.
2. Pour the juice into a smoothie maker and add one sliced banana.
3. Add a dollop of agave nectar if you like, or some linseed or wheatgerm.
4. Pour in two cups of Alpro Soya Unsweetened Almond Milk.
5. Whizz and enjoy!

Frozen berries
Eton Mess smoothie
Eton Mess smoothie

Eton Mess smoothie {above}

1. Add about half a small carton of frozen berries to your smoothie maker.
2. Add a cup of cookies and cream protein powder (or vanilla protein powder)
3. Add a spoonful of linseed.
4. Add a dollop of agave nectar.
5. Add a tablespoonful of greek yoghurt with honey.
6. Top up with about 300ml of Alpro Soya Unsweetened Almond Milk.
7. Whizz and enjoy!

Both of these recipes make two large glasses of smoothie.

The best thing about making smoothies is that you can pretty much throw what you like into that smoothie maker and it’ll taste good (within reason of course).  So feel free to play fast and loose with my recipes and leave out or add in extra ingredients.  The agave nectar helps to add sweetness and the linseed I buy from Aldi and is an easy way to get some Omega 3 into your diet as well as a ton of other health benefits.

Do share your favourite smoothie recipes and tips and don’t forget to check out the #AlproAM hashtag on Twitter.

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