Winter Sun

A seed has been sown in my little brain lately, and that seed has a label attached entitled ‘winter sun’.  I’ve chatted to a few people who are going away on Boxing Day or for New Year’s Eve, and though it’s not something I’ve considered before I LOVE the idea of finishing off the Christmas period by hopping on a plane! I can’t imagine anything better than having a day or two of opening presents and getting festive in England and then jetting off for cocktails and sunbathing.  I’m making it my mission to make this happen over the next few years – sadly this year all of my spare cash is going into the wedding fund, and now we’re all booked for April 2015, next year is not looking likely either!

We both have a savings target each month which basically sweeps away most of our disposable income after bills have been paid (and still allows for a few treats and meals out – I’m not going into complete pauperdom quite yet as I’m hoping we can get there without doing so).  But whilst I’ll still be buying dresses and taking trips to Pizza Express I’m afraid the flexibility in the budget is not quite going to stretch to holidays to the Dominican Republic – more’s the pity as I’ve been doing some rather enthusiastic pinning and flicking through travel brochures in case some money happens to magically drop into my account!  

I have been dreaming of the Caribbean ever since I went to Barbados a few years ago – it was absolutely stunning and utterly beautiful, and I’d love to visit more of the Caribbean islands – St Vincent and the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands both look pretty good too, what can I say, I’m not fussy!

For the last couple of years I’ve been considering how lovely a little trip to the Christmas markets in Bruges or Munich would be this time of year, or maybe even going Northern Lights spotting in Iceland.  But I think I’ve now replaced that with a dream of some post-Christmas winter sun.  When I’m eating turkey sandwiches and drinking eggnog this year I might be daydreaming of being on one of these beaches….

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Have you ever been on a post-Christmas holiday?

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