The Cosmetic Practice – Skincare Wishlist

I don’t very often write about skincare on my blog, not because I’m not interested in it (I am) or because I don’t spend money on skincare products (I really, really do) but because I just don’t feel like the most qualified person to do so.  I am amazed by beauty bloggers who understand the science behind skincare and understand all of those technical claims and posh-sounding ingredients you hear on adverts.  If I’m honest, these days I stay fairly loyal to a few brands and read beauty blogs and ask on Twitter when I want to branch out.

I’ve also been contributing to Sophia’s MyLittleSkincareProject which has been a really interesting experience.  I’ve been writing about my skin type (normal) and sharing my favourite products as well as testing new ones.  Reading the other posts about dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin has really opened my eyes to the different skin types and their traits, as well as other people’s routines and wonder products. It’s made me realise how important it is to find products that suit your skin type, and to read ingredients lists.

I’ve recently come across a website, The Cosmetic Practice, who offer specialised cosmetics treatments and professional skincare products.  I now tend to buy a lot more high-end skincare products than I previously used to so I stumbled upon this website with interest – they also have a nurse and doctor who can help with skincare concerns.  Knowing several friends who have seen a GP recently due to skincare concerns I can see how this would be a real bonus.

They specialise in cosmecuetical skincare – it will come as no surprise that I had to Google this when I read it as I really am such a skincare novice.  I discovered that cosmeceutical skincare are products that are on the border between medical/pharmaceutical products, and those which have a cosmetic benefit.  They tend to be tailored to individual’s skin types and are usually sold in cosmetics clinics or dermatology centres.  They also tend to be quite pricey, usually because they are proven to deliver a biological effect on the skin due to the ingredients they contain.

NeoStrata are one of these such brands, and are market leaders in the use of AHA and PHA acids, they also tackle specific skincare concerns from strong anti aging, acne, pigmentation, severe dryness and oil control. 

I have put the Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy on my Christmas list after reading reviews (and hearing about the awards it’s won).  My eyes are my main skincare concern as I have tiny bumps underneath them as well as dark circles.  It sounds like a bit of a wonder product. 

neostrata skin active intensive eye therapy, £49

They also stock the Exuviance range, also developed by NeoStrata, which use a variety of skin loving antioxidants and marine and botanical extracts.  Their Vespera Bionic Serum caught my eye and comes highly rated.  It is an anti-oxidant, anti-ageing skin serum which helps protect the skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

exuviance vespera bionic serum, £31

The final product on my wishlist is the Exuviance Skin Brightening Gel.  I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that the weather and other factors has really started to take its toll on my skin.  My workplace is based on a site where I have to walk outdoors to go from building to building, and then I have an electric heater in my office blasting hot air at me all day! I really could do with a product to make my skin feel more refreshed and brightened, and this promises to exfoliate, brighten and smooth discoloured skin, banish dullness and promote cell renewal.  It’s definitely one for the ‘to try’ list.

exuviance skin brightening gel, £24

Are you interested in the science behind skincare? Have you tried any of the NeoStrata products before? I’d love to hear your tips for looking after normal skin.

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