I must admit that when I first looked at these photos I considered not using them.  Even though this is the sort of comfy, casual ensemble that I’ve been wearing over the last few weeks (and did wear – on this occasion for a Saturday spent running errands), there’s something about it that I feel didn’t photograph as well as I feel it looked in real life.  To me, my hair looks a little bouffant, the jeggings aren’t as fitted as I’d usually like and the photos do not do the cardigan justice (not to mention the fact that I think I look like I’ve not slept for about a week).

But this is me, and this is what I wore.  And I don’t feel like standing in the middle of the road like a twit and then scrapping the photos (though I have done that on many, many occasions).  Please tell me I’m not the only one who has hard-drives full of unused outfit photos? Why does it always look so much better in the mirror than it does when you view the photos on the computer?

This eyelash cardigan from Missguided is getting a lot of airtime at the moment.  I like how the shape and thickness of it make it almost coatigan-y (not a word).  Layered up with a shirt underneath and a big chunky scarf it’s perfect for those milder days, or when you’re going Christmas shopping and you don’t want to suffer from ‘I’m-wearing-a-coat-and-all-the-shops-are-blowing-hot-air-at-me’ syndrome (not a thing).

This River Island ‘dog bite’ t-shirt seems to have hopped in the sale and then hopped off the website – I know it’s probably not to everyone’s tastes but I think it looks cool with leather-look leggings and heels for a night out (I talk as if I still have them, did I have you fooled?) or jeggings and a cardigan a la this day.

eyelash cardigan, missguided, £20.99* {sold out} // t-shirt, river island, {sold out – similar}

jeggings, missguided, £14.99* // boots: new look {sold out}

Missguided kindly sent me some vouchers a few weeks ago to get some of their lovely A/W bits and I’m really excited to show you the things I picked.  There is so much amazing on their site at the moment – I want everything from the Peace + Love range, though I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to wear all of it! 

This is a quick post today as I’m currently off to bed and hoping for a better sleep tonight – you would be forgiven for agreeing that I look tired in these photos as I really am! For some reason since my sprained ankle I’ve been suffering from a lot of back pain – I think because of walking differently to counteract the sprain – and tonight I’m going to try sleeping on a different mattress in the spare room to see if it helps, as well as dreaming of buying a really good memory foam mattress.  Unfortunately the spare bedroom is home to my bed-robe (like a wardrobe but a bed covered in clothes) so I’m in for some clearing before I can hop in! Night all…

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