Kate and Ted

Happy Christmas Eve! This is a scheduled post as I’ll have my iPad but not access to a computer whilst I’m in Weymouth so I’ll be keeping on top of my blog reading but not writing any blog posts. I’ve been meaning to post this outfit post for a couple of weeks, I can tell this because I’ve since gone through a bit of an appointment-orama and had my roots done, hair chopped and my nails shellac-ed, so this is a bit of a ‘before’ photo.  But none of this matters as this was the first outing for my rather swoon-some new Kate Spade bag that I bought at Bicester Village.  I’d love to tell you that I saw it and fell in long immediately, and that I snatched it off the shelf like some kind of bag hungry behemoth, but what actually happened is that I couldn’t decide between this one and one in Michael Kors, and my very patient friend Kate followed me as I went between the two shops (basically walking the length of Bicester Village) many times before settling on this one.  One of the clinchers was that on the final trip back into Kate Spade a nice man on the door gave me a 25% off voucher.  Now if that isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.

Like a child who wants to play with all of their new toys at once, I’m also wearing another Bicester Village purchase, a jumper from Ted Baker.  I love the colour, and it has elbow patches and zips on the shoulders. What’s not to like?

jumper: ted baker {from outlet} // shirt: pull and bear via asos £16

jeans: vero moda {old} // boots: office {old}

bag: kate spade {from outlet}

How are you all spending your Christmas Eve’s? I’ll be with Tom’s parents and his sister and niece and nephew giving them their presents, I can’t wait! Because we’re seeing so many people over Christmas it really feels like it extends the celebrations over a few days which is really nice.  Of course I can’t wait to see my parents on Boxing Day too.  I hope you’re all having wonderful Christmasses! Can’t wait to read all of your blog posts about what you’re up to.  It really is my favourite time of the year.

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