Degustabox Review

I learned a new word in Spanish today – degusta, meaning ‘tasting’.  So the Degustabox that arrived on my doorstep about a week ago, is a ‘tasting box’ – a veritable feast of treats, ingredients and new things to try.

Degustabox describe themselves as a monthly surprise food box – 17 new, special or innovative food products from well-known brands.  The no-commitment subscription costs £9.99 a month (without delivery) but promises that this cost will be half the retail value of the products you receive. You can also buy gift subscriptions for as little as £8.49 a month for an annual subscription.

When I was asked if I’d like to receive their launch box I was expecting something similar to the gourmet food boxes like Flavrbox (£20 with shipping) or Flavourly (£15 with shipping).  These typically offer between 5-10 products a month, usually artisan or gourmet foods.

When I opened the boxes, I could see that this was very different.  For a start there was an awful lot of food (and drink) in there and it was really quite a large box.  There was also some recipe cards that go with the ingredients.

The products were actually well-known brands, many of which I buy myself, and rather than small sample sizes or individal packets there were multiples of some items.  There were three cans of Bavaria beer, two jars of Reggae Reggae sauce, a full size Spiced Chai Latte, a pack of Bisto stock pots and three sachets of gravy, two packs of Belvita breakfast biscuits, a jar of Oxo shake and flavour, a bar of Black’s spiced chocolate and two packs of Yu Granola clusters.  I’d estimate the value of this at around £30.

What I really like about Degustabox is that they are all products that I like and will use, so I feel like I’d be getting good value for money.  In previous food subscription boxes that I’ve tried there have been products like raspberry vinegar or other condiments that I knew I wouldn’t use.  This box features store-cupboard favourites and other treats that I know will all be eaten within the month.  The beer and chocolate mean there are nice bonuses alongside things like stock pots which I’ll try but won’t get wildly excited about – though it is fun to know I’m trying new products, in particular I loved the Apricot and Yoghurt Belvita biscuits which I haven’t seen before.

I would definitely buy Degustabox again and I’m really looking forward to seeing what appears in the later boxes. If you want to sign up you can get £3 off a box with the code rosieoutlook999.  I think the subscriptions would also make great Christmas presents – I love giving subscriptions as presents as they keep on ‘giving’ long after Christmas is over.

If you want to check out more about Degustabox you can look at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Have you ever tried one of the monthly food boxes?

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{the degustabox was gifted to me, all opinions are my own}

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