Le Renard

It is evidence enough that one can never own too many fox dresses that, in the process of writing this, I have hopped over to Aspire and bought this foxy little number, bringing the amount of fox printed garments in my wardrobe to a total of three.  I may just be able to come good on my aim to spend winter wearing only clothes printed with woodland animals – if you spot a badger jumper or squirrel skirt, give me a heads up, yes?

The ever so lovely Sarah enabled me into buying this a couple of weeks ago (here she is looking rather foxy) and I must admit it has been making lots of outings since; it’s so ‘throw-on-able’ (definitely a word) and teamed with my Primark Super Cosy tights it’s the ultimate in comfort-wear.  Talking of Sarah, can you see the gorgeous little felt heart I have on my cardigan in the second photo? Sarah made them (clever clogs) and brought one for me and Char when we met up a couple of weeks ago.  I love it!

dress: £28 // coat: £90

tights: primark super cosy tights // boots: office [old]

I’ve worn these boots an awful lot lately so apologies if they pop up in lots more outfit posts.  To be honest it’s because I’m still having trouble with my ankle (from when I sprained it a few weeks ago) and having to wear a tubi-grip every day so tights and boots are one of the few combos I can wear without having a bandage on show, though if anyone wants a first-aid box themed outfit post just let me know – or perhaps a product review of arnica oil or deep freeze spray? Haha! I must admit I feel constantly torn between really missing running and the gym and enjoying that extra 45 minutes in bed at the moment.  I want to give it proper time to heal though so for the moment I am resting up and running is off the agenda.

Despite my ‘resting up’ I’ve actually had quite a busy weekend of ticking things off the to-do list, mainly sorting out cupboards and shelves and piles of crap that have accumulated around the house.  Although we’re saving for our wedding in 2015, somehow we’ve also started to generate a wishlist for things in the house that includes getting a wood-burning stove, redoing our bathroom and getting some new furniture for the living room.  Tom yesterday did that ‘man’ thing of painting one of the walls in the bathroom and then leaving the rest so I’m sure we’ll be living with a half white, half peach bathroom for months to come! Meanwhile I’ve been eyeing up some furniture on Furniture Plus and hoping that I miraculously win the lottery (it would have to be a miracle as I don’t even play) to allow us to sort the house and the wedding at the same time.  Why is it whenever you’re saving there’s always so many things that end up competing for a bit of the pot!  

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