Label M Powder Pink Spray Review

A couple of weeks ago I was rather excited to receive a can of Label M Powder Pink Spray from the team at WIWT to give it a try for a feature on their blog.  Poppy, who founded the WIWT site, has been collaborating with Toni & Guy and Label M (their pro product range) for the last few months and was there when it was launched at the Toni & Guy 50th birthday festival (I want to hold a music festival for my next birthday please!?), and then used extensively at London Fashion Week.  Poppy kindly sent out a few of these to some blonde WIWT users so we could try it for ourselves and see what the effect is like on blonde hair.

// label m powder pink spray // toni & guy // £9.95*

I wanted to give it a try on both wavy and straight hair to compare the effect.  You can of course use it all over but I’ve always loved the pink ‘dip dye’ effect so I went for a sort of ombr√© around the bottom of my hair one day when I hadn’t straightened it.  When you first spray it on it is a really bright pink and you can leave it like that for a really bold effect (and layer on more spray for an even brighter colour).  It’s really easy to apply and dries within two minutes.

You can also brush it through once it’s dried to sort of ‘dull’ the effect and make it look a bit more washed out and natural (well, not natural obvs but more like a dye than a spray).

I tried it again a few days later on straight hair.  I think it is actually more effective on straight hair (albeit the wind had different ideas than letting it stay straight!) as you can get a nice clean line for a more perfect ‘dip dye’ and the colour is clearer.

The next approach I’ll be trying is all over colour, I think it would be really fun to have all over pink hair! I love the way this spray allows you to have perfect, candy-floss pink hair without the commitment.  It washes straight out without a trace but doesn’t have that ‘crispy’ effect of the colour sprays of yesteryear (remember those ones that were around in the 90s that were just like hairspray?) Apparently if you put a drop of hair oil onto your hair after you’ve sprayed it it also helps with the slight drying effect (as does brushing it through).

I absolutely loved trying this product and will definitely be using it more and re-buying it.  To see what the other WIWT-ers thought of this product, check out the review on Poppy’s blog.

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