Bodhi’s Pets at Home Christmas Shopping Diary

Bodhi has taken over my computer chair this evening and would like to say (woof? bark?) a few words about his recent Christmas shopping trip, and who am I to stand in his way? Over to you B Dog.

Sundays are my favourite day because they usually mean walks in the forest or along the beach.  Sundays are a ‘Bodhi day’ – I know this because Mum and Dad sing a silly song at the weekends and their days off to tell me that it’s going to be a day where I get to see them all day rather than just the bits when they’re not at work.  When they sing the Bodhi day song I get excited and jump around even though I usually know when it’s a Bodhi day because they stay in bed longer so I have to wait longer before I have my breakfast.

This Sunday was one of my favourite Bodhi days because Mum told me that Pets at Home had sent me some vouchers to get some Christmas presents, and I was allowed to choose them all by myself.  Pets at Home is my favourite shop because I’m allowed to go in and see the rabbits and smell all the other dogs that are also doing their shopping.  Also because the people on the till always give me treats.  I don’t like other shops because I have to wait outside and so I bark a lot to make sure Mum and Dad don’t stay inside very long.

christmas shopping for dogs

When I got inside I was really excited, especially when we went up the doggy treats aisle.  I saw Mum sneak some wonky chomps in the basket when she thought I wasn’t looking so I’ll be being especially good this week now I know they’re in the cupboard. Mum is always surprised that I can hear the sound of the treat cupboard being opened even when I’m the other side of the house.  I can hear four times the distance of a human (that’s a normal human, not my Dad who can hardly hear anything because he goes in the sea all the time and his ears are all bunged up).

dog in pets at home

The Christmas aisle was definitely my favourite though, there are all kinds of treats for cats and dogs on sale. I don’t really like cats and like to chase them but even I agree that they deserve some presents at Christmas too.  I especially liked the look (and smell) of these big circular chews, I hope there’s one of them under the tree on Christmas day!

pets at home christmas range

Mum asked me if I wanted to get some presents for Henry with my vouchers too.  Henry is my best friend even though he gets me in trouble by doing things like making me follow him upstairs and then eating Mum’s socks when he comes to visit.  Henry looks like me but he is younger than me, I think this should mean he should look up to me but I don’t think he does because he steals my toys off me and eats my dinner.  In the end we chose him this squeaky present toy.  I don’t think I’ll get to wrap it up myself though as I like to eat paper and roll it across the floor to find the long tube in the middle.  That’s my favourite toy of all.

pets at home christmas present

After I’d picked all my Christmas presents Mum said she wanted to get me a Christmas jumper because all the other dogs on the internet are wearing them.  I only own one other jumper and it’s an American Apparel hoody and Mum likes to put me in it when her friends come round.  She bought me a Christmas pudding jumper which I thought looked a bit silly but actually it is fleece-y and warm so I like it.

pets at home christmas jumper

When I got to the till the lady asked me why I had some vouchers and I told her it was because I am famous on the internet so she gave me some treats.  I like the people at Pets at Home.  They do lots of other Christmas presents for dogs if you want to get your furry friend something for Christmas.  I sneaked one of my Christmas toys out of the bag when I got home but Mum said I’m not allowed them till Christmas so I felt a bit sad and then I did paw so I got a wonky chomp and it was okay.