To-read pile

Question: How many books is it legitimate to take on a week’s worth of holidays? (That sounds weird, we’re just going away for a week to a few different places).  Actually, by the time you read this I’ll already be back from holiday and the decision will have been made (and hopefully some of these will go onto the ‘read’ shelf!).  Whilst I write this however I am currently dithering over it  – I should probably just throw them all in the suitcase to be safe right? This is my current ‘to-read pile’, though if I counted all of the books on bookshelves I haven’t yet read but have somehow got absorbed into my collection it would be much bigger.  These are just the new additions to my collection over the last couple of months that are being kept in my bedroom ready for when I finish a book. Isn’t that an amazing feeling, when you close the final page of a book, have that feeling of complete satisfaction, and then can read for another and get stuck right in?

The bottom two admittedly I ordered through work; the bottom, The Chimp Paradox, is a book that has been talked about a lot at work and so we got a few for our Learning Resource Centre.  The one above, Effective Leadership is related to the course I’ll be on as you read this (scheduling posts gets really confusing!)  I picked up Dark Places in a charity shop after really enjoying Gone Girl, I am hoping it will be as equally thrilling (I love a good page-turner for holiday reading!) Love and Summer and Thinking Fast and Slow were actually both on my Christmas list last year upon receiving recommendations from friends for both of them, I must read the second as it keeps popping up everywhere, especially in things I’m reading up on at work – it sounds so interesting.  The Pleasures of Summer is another one sent to me by Penguin Ireland, it is not the sort of thing I would normally read but the reviews and blurb sound very intriguing! Five Quarters of the Orange and the book at the top of the pile, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, are both books I am reading as part of Alex’s Blogging Good Read series – I’ll be reading them both this month and reviewing them for Alex’s blog post about them all (and my choice too!) Bring Up The Bodies was recommended to me by my Dad and I picked it up in Asda for a few quid, though I think I might need to read Wolf Hall first so I can understand the people and the history? That’s another one that’s tucked on a bookshelf somewhere! Me Before You was lent to me by a friend when she read it with her book club – I was a bit put off by the cover but she assures me that it’s brilliant.  The final book, Be Awesome,  was one on my wishlist that Tom bought me for my birthday, again after lots of recommendations.  That’s definitely getting taken with me, it looks brilliant!

Phew, that’s a lot of books! What’s on your to-read pile, or do you have any recommendations for things that should be added to mine?

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