You will know by now that I am all about the comfort.  In fact, I think my life’s purpose is to seek out increasing levels of cosiness; fleece-y onesies, devouring a good book by an open fire, Sunday morning lie-ins under a duck-down duvet, hot bubble baths with cinnamon scented candles burning and warming, home-cooked food.  As much as I fight against it, unfortunately it is necessary to leave the house now and then, but luckily I no longer need to leave comfort at the front door as I have found a little slice of sheepskin lined heaven in my new Koalabi boots.

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koalabi short boots

// coat: £38 // shirt: superdry [old]

// necklace: nylon sky £25 // jeans: asos ridley jeans [sold out – ]

// satchel: leather satchel co [sold out – ] // boots: koalabi ultra short £89.95*

They are definitely my new favourite thing, in fact I might… might… be wearing them right now as I type this, with my pajamas on (I am wearing them, in case I didn’t make that clear).  They feel really well-made and structured and the soles are much more hard-wearing than Uggs so you won’t get the dreaded ‘slopey-inward feet’ you sometimes get with them.  I actually find them comfier than Uggs (and they are a lot cheaper!) They have a whole host of other styles of boots on their website and you can even get 10% with ROSIE10 until the end of the month.

Are you a fan of sheepskin boots?

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