Heal’s Sofas Blogger Challenge

It’s fair to say that almost everything to do with home interiors in my life at the moment can be filed under the label of ‘aspirational’.  A DIY to-do list that’s as long as my arm (longer, probably), a wishlist of rooms to transform that don’t come cheap (new kitchen and bathroom please Santa!) and a taste in décor that doesn’t match my bank balance are not a happy combination.

Aspirations wise, I’ve been doing a lot of pinning and flicking through homes magazines, and now my credit card is paid off and I can start saving I’m one step closer to making those dreams a reality.  Heal’s are high on the list of websites I frequent for a spot of online window shopping, so when they got in touch about their sofa styling challenge, I couldn’t resist!

The challenge was to pick one of their amazing sofas from Heal’s Sofas and style a room around it using the rest of their products.  I picked the Mistral sofa range which is very 1950s and retro.  Our own living room has a bit of a retro theme so this would fit in nicely!

heals mistral sofa

As for the styling, it looks like items I’ve handpicked to fit perfectly with the beautiful sofa (and it is!), but it could honestly just be a Rosie homes wishlist.  From the Ercol coffee table to the Eames chair it’s fair to say that all these retro style items rather set my heart a-flutter.  I think these would perfectly complement the sofa and are in keeping with the retro theme whilst still being chic and contemporary.

heals blogger challenge

I’ve also made a little Pinterest board with lots of inspiration for my ‘virtual room’, as well as all of the items I’ve featured.  I’ll be keeping it as a shopping list once there’s a little bit more money in the ‘living room’ savings pot!

What do you think of my retro room and the Mistral sofa – isn’t it a beauty?