The hunt for a winter coat

Like everyone else, the change from summer to autumn (which seems to have happened almost at the flick of a switch?) brings mixed emotions.  On the one hand I adored the wonderful sunshine, barbecues, cold glasses of wine in the garden and days at the beach, on the other, well, insert stereotypical blogger list of Autumn loves here – cinnamon candles, forest walks, muddy wellies, slippers, lazy Sundays – and so on. The one thing I do love about Autumn is being able to become ensconded in cosy layers – no more worrying about wobbly bikini belly and instead long-live thick cardigans and coats – unkempt hair hidden under beanies, unshaven legs hidden under trousers, ’tis an excuse to be indulgently low maintenance!

The hunt for the perfect winter coat is of course a tale of courage and woe – sort of like a quest to slay a legendary fire-breathing dragon but more costly on the wallet and likely to involve intense periods of browsing ASOS late at night.  The latter brought me to these two beauties who both became instant contenders for ‘winter coat 2013’, or at least ‘one of the many winter coats I will buy in 2013 in the hunt for winter coat 2013’.  I intended to put these photos up and ask you to help me choose but it turns out that I can’t do without two lots of £85 missing from my bank account at a time so I had to make a quick decision and send one back.  Sadly now, looking at these photos, I feel I may have made the wrong decision, but time was not on my side!

Coat: , £85 // Trousers: H&M [old] Tan court shoes: New Look [old], similar by Ted Baker

Coat: , £90

In the end I decided that the collar on the Noisy May coat was a little too fussy on me, and the ASOS parka was super comfy (hello shearling lined hood!) Looking at the photos now I am rather fond of the shape of it, I sort of feel like jogging back to my local Premier and snatching it back off the Collect+ pile but I am trying to be reserved and remember that it is only September and I really ought to space out my inevitable further winter coat buying at least a little bit…. Right?

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