Staying in

Prior to moving in with Tom a couple of years ago, I lived on my own for several years.  If I’m honest, I only really have fond memories of that time – I enjoy my own company so was quite happy with a lifestyle of cosy nights in, watching DVDs, cooking myself yummy dinners, blogging, reading blogs – and so on.  Of course the social side of it was great too – having friends to stay over, for dinner or for drinks.  But having that solitude and independence was pretty character building.  I enjoy those quiet moments of reflection when you can really get your head in order.   This week has been a funny week as Tom is away in France surfing. I’ve had lots of moments of quiet – been able to crack on with reading my books for various book clubs and other reading commitments, watch films and while away hours into the night reading blogs and surfing around the internet – although free time for me usually means spending money so I’ve been trying to stay away from ASOS and not get sucked into Paddypower Bingo.

This week has also involved comfort food.  I made my favourite recipe of ‘cheesy cauliflower puree‘, which is way nicer than it sounds – like a super creamy mashed potato! (Good for low carb diets).

With Tom away I’ve had to get up at 6.30 to walk Bodhi.  I had quite an ordeal on Thursday when I locked myself out of the house by leaving the keys in the door and taking a different key out on the walk with me. Pretty major panic stations right there – luckily I managed to break into the house after something akin to an endurance challenge and getting very muddy and bruised.  That was a stressful morning – then I had to go and deliver a day of training! Fun.  Can you spot Bodhi in the mist?

I bought lots of treats for the visit from Sarah and Char last weekend and some of them didn’t get eaten so I’ve had to hide them away in a shoebox to avoid me pigging out and ruining all my hard work! Keep thinking about how much fun our Saturday night of Orchard Pig juice, chats and film-watching was and chuckling – such a great girl’s night in! I must admit I did feel slightly guilty after watching this video this week and thinking about how attached we all were to our iPhones though; we were tweeting, instagramming and even snapchatting all through our Saturday night – it’s amazing how much you can do on a phone now – Sarah relayed a hilarious story about going to a bingo hall (apparently it’s a very serious affair!) but you can even play bingo on your iPhone these days.  Apparently there’s an app you can download to control the blu-ray player I just bought too.  What happened to good old remote controls!

Of course no Rosie week of nights in would be complete without some serious lazing in the tub.  I’ve been propping up my iPad Mini on a stand and watching films on LoveFilm as well as enjoying some pampering. I cracked open my final Lush Christmas box and treated myself to some Snow Fairy this week!  Best. Smell. Ever.

My favourite little chap Bodhi has been keeping me company this week with lots of cuddles and licks.  He never fails to make me smile.  I picked the giveaway winners for my headphones and ASOS voucher giveaways and after wrapping up the headphones he played a hilarious game with the parcel tape that had me giggling away.  Far more fun than any toy I’ve ever bought him!

Hope you’ve all had lovely weeks.  Tom is back on Sunday so I’m looking forward to having him back (though the house isn’t going to be as tidy as it has been this week!) Happy Friday!

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