Philips Downtown Denims Review

review of philips downtown denims

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent a little package by Social Soup, including two pairs of Philips Downtown Denim headphones, some music magazines and a Spotify voucher.  The deal is that I get to review the headphones, and I also get to give away a pair which is pretty exciting as, without giving away the ending of my review, they are awesome.

The first thing that struck me about the headphones is that they’re ridiculously comfy to wear.  The ear cushions apparently feature “acoustically tuned memory foam” and whilst I don’t know exactly what that means in principle, in practice it means that they are super comfortable even for extended periods of listening. I’ve had problems with other ‘on ear’ headphones before if I’m wearing metal ear tunnels as sometimes it causes them to dig in, (and don’t even get me started on when I got my tragus pierced) but these sit perfectly.

The sound is amazing – the ‘music-seal technology’ means almost all background noise is completely blocked out and you feel completely immersed in your music.  They have a really clean, natural sound and the best sound quality I’ve heard on any headphones I’ve tested before – better than the WESC Conga headphones I usually use, or a pair of Sennheiser 201s I was sent a while back.

Other notable additions are the microphone for answering calls whilst playing music on a smartphone, and the flat, no-tangle cable.  They have an RRP of £60 and are well worth the price tag, I’d certainly pay that and more.  I’ve been using these a lot at home listening to music in bed or whilst reading and I am super impressed with the quality and sound.

Keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway over the next week or so – I’ll be giving away a pair of these awesome headphones and a Spotify voucher to get you started on enjoying music with them.

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