Magnificent & Stylish

I am something of an impulse buyer.  Whilst I’m doing the supermarket shop at Sainsbury’s you’ll often find a few magazines, the odd DVD and maybe even a candle or a cushion sneaking into my trolley.  So it’s probably for the best that (in my opinion), none of the places I go for a food shop have particularly tempting clothing lines.  Until now.  Let’s all go ahead and agree that M&S do the best food, ever, yes? You may not be able to afford to do your weekly shop there, but when we have people coming for dinner, or we need some snacks for a movie night in, M&S is always our first stop.  I have a little bit of a Percy Pig addiction that costs me enough already, so I’m slightly worried for the future of my bank balance now they’ve brought out what can only be described as a simply, stunning, A/W range.

Under the guidance of their new Style Director, Belinda Earl, this new range feels so chic and stylish that I don’t think they’d seem out of place with much higher price tags.  The coats, oh, the coats.  A pink coat in particular (I think this one?) sold out almost instantly, and with immaculate cuts, lots of checks, biker jacket, leopard print and faux fur, I think many of the others are going to go the same way.

I’ve put together a little list of my favourite items from the A/W range.  I’m not sure of all of the prices as I think some bits haven’t been released yet, but where I’ve seen prices I’ve included them.

I adore this check coat, it reminds me of some I’ve seen in Zara previously [£89]
This wool coat is perfection, I love the cut – and the price! [£79]
This WILL be my A/W 13 coat, the leopard print against the red is so dreamy [£79]
These boots will also be mine [£69]
I really shouldn’t buy more than one coat this A/W but this is a serious contender if so!

I feel that their new Style Director’s experience at Aquascutum and Jaeger is really evident, the range looks so polished and stylish.  I can’t wait to hunt down some of these at my local store, I have a feeling my indulgent food shops are going to be somewhat more costly from now! Have you spied any of the new pieces instore? (This isn’t a paid post by the way, I’m just really excited to pick up some of the new bits!)

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