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I was recently contacted by about the launch of their first TV advert, which is exciting as are a brand I’ve loved and supported for some time.  If you’re not familiar with them, their ethos is that you buy their bespoke or designer furniture direct from the makers, cutting out the middleman, and in the process saving you bags of money.  There are some seriously swoonsome items on their site and it’s always my first stop when I’m considering picking up something new as their prices are so reasonable.  My Mum recently showed me a lamp she was considering buying from John Lewis and I told her to check Made first and lo’ and behold they had one similar on there for half the price.

The new advert focusses on the love affair the makers of their furniture have with their designs, it’s quite tongue in cheek and fun and I’m looking forward to spotting it on TV.

In conjunction with the advert, they’re asking bloggers what they find irresistible and using the hashtag #irresistiblyMADE.

The piece of furniture in our house that I find most ‘irresistible’ is our 1979 Ercol sideboard.  I had been desperate for a sideboard for a long time but couldn’t justify the prices in our local vintage shops.  Tom’s Gran very sadly passed away earlier this year and Tom’s parents suggested we take her sideboard as Tom remembered it having always been in her house and so it had sentimental value as well as us knowing it would be very loved.  The main reason we redid our conservatory recently was to accomodate this stunning piece of furniture.  It’s lovely knowing it’s a piece we’ll really treasure and take with us wherever we live.

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Before we were kindly given our sideboard I was always rather taken with this one on which really is rather irresistible.  It’s an absolute beauty and well worth its price tag.

What do you find irresistible? Have you shopped at before?

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