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I don’t know how to start this post casually.  I will never be the sort of person for whom being sent a new iPad isn’t ‘a ridiculously big deal’.  I’ve seen bloggers reviewing holidays, being sent abroad for events and fashion weeks, being shot for campaigns and though they might write up their posts as if it’s normal business, I never lose the awe I feel at the opportunities that are created for bloggers these days – not that they’re not totally justified as likewise the content and engagement I see on blogs is also so inspiring and it’s great to see the blogosphere getting that recognition from major brands. (Phew! That was a long sentence.)

So, a little while ago I received an iPad Mini to review from Argos Online.  I honestly felt like all of my Christmasses had come at once and I count myself very lucky to be able to review such an awesome product.  Let’s face it, the iPad and iPad Mini are the ultimate in tablets – probably one of the most wished for gadgets across the globe.  I bought Tom an iPad Mini for Christmas last year and it barely leaves his hands, he uses it constantly for anything and everything (though mostly for watching videos about surfing and checking the surf forecast!) So to say I was excited to receive mine is an understatement.

ipad review for fashion blogger

| iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB, Argos Online, £269*

When it arrived, I didn’t even turn it on for about the first five minutes, I just opened the box and held it in my hands, experiencing sheer wonderment at how sleek and slim it was.  Even when I turned it on I experienced that strange feeling of having something you know you’re going to really love, but not being quite sure how to start that journey.  I downloaded a few apps – Twitter, Bloglovin, Pinterest etc, set up my email, and then wondered what to do next.

ipad mini review

The truth is that I need to retrain myself to use the iPad as my go-to gadget.  At the moment I love my iPhone.  I Whatsapp, tweet and instagram constantly.  I instinctively pick it up to Google things, write notes, Face Time people (usually Tom from upstairs to ask him to bring me a cup of tea) and even read blogs on it in bed.  I know that being able to do all of these things on my iPad is going to make my life a lot easier, and I’m very excited to make that happen.  What I’m also excited for is to find out all of the things that the iPad has to offer over the iPhone – the apps that I’m going to love and the things I’m going to start using the iPad for rather than something else.  I really need to dedicate some time to reading up on the best iPad apps and finding out all the things that make it such a cult product.

The times I have got stuck into using it I have utterly loved it.  It somehow makes me feel really inspired being able to lie in bed with a cup of tea, scroll through Bloglovin, have a nose on Pinterest and all without leaving the comfort of my duck down duvet.  I don’t have a laptop so the idea of blog reading (and maybe even blogging one day!) being more portable is certainly a novelty.

ipad mini for blogging

I don’t need to actually review the iPad Mini, not really.  You all know that it’s sleek, slim, responsive, lightweight, and the perfect tool for almost everything internet-related you might want to do on the go.  Not just on the go, but on the sofa, in bed, almost anywhere.  I cannot fault it.

Please do tell me your favourite iPad apps, where to get a snazzy case and anything else I might need to know about being the new owner of a little iPad, I’m eager to get more hooked than I already am! It’s definitely going to make my evenings at home much more interesting now the nights are drawing in and reading, catching up on TV and internet shopping rides even higher on the agenda.

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