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There are some questions which require deliberation, and there are some questions for
which the answer is such a foregone conclusion that the word ‘YES’ is out of my
mouth with absolutely no thought given whatsoever.  This usually involves me being offered cake,
chocolate or another favourite foodstuff, but this time it was contained within
an email entitled “Blog Partnership – HomeSense”.  You see, if there’s another thing that really
sets my heart aflutter, it’s pretty home accessories.  And HomeSense is basically Mecca for pretty
home accessories.  Many times I have made a pilgrimage to my local Poole store to spend far too much money on candles,
storage boxes, canvases, recipe books and all manner of other things that I
don’t necessarily need, but I really, really want.  And so to the question of “Do you want to be
a blog ambassador for the HomeSense Poole store?” the answer was a resounding

Voucher giveaway 

My first
privilege as a blog ambassador was to visit the Poole store and get a little
tour (sort of like being given a tour of your bedroom, it’s basically my second
home!) from Aaron, who works with HomeSense on their PR.  He showed me how HomeSense lay out their
stores for maximum inspiration as well as explaining some of the exciting
things they had coming up, including their first TV advert.  Here is my only little video of my HomeSense tour.

He also
generously gave me a voucher to get myself some HomeSense treats, and I’m going
to share with you in a later post what I snapped up.  The exciting bit is that I also get to give
away a £50 gift card to spend in the Poole store to one of my lovely
readers.  Because I’m their Poole
ambassador I’m afraid it’s only valid in that store but I know I have lots of
Bournemouth and south-west based readers so I’m hoping lots of you
south-coasters will get involved!

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All that remains is for me to say good luck! I’ll be sharing my HomeSense purchases next week so you’ll be able to find lots of inspiration for what to spend your voucher on should you be the lucky winner!

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