Healthy cajun Chicken, sweetcorn and pepper pizzas

So some of you might know that I’ve recently been trying a low-carb diet, and as a result I’ve been trying to make recipes where there’s minimal bread or starchy vegetables.  I made this recipe up by combining a few recipes I’d seen floating around and whilst it’s not perfect on the carbs it’s a mega yummy, filling dinner that will give the satisfaction of pizza without the guilty filling afterwards! I was actually making ‘mmmm’ and ‘ohhhh’ noises as I ate this – yep, that happened.

wrap pizza recipe

{this makes enough for two, serving size is one, unless you’re really hungry!}

Two Warburtons wholemeal square wraps

200g sweetcorn

1/2 red pepper, 1/2 yellow pepper

150g Philadelphia soft cheese

Tablespoon of Heinz Cajun Sauce (you could also use chipotle sauce or similar)

About 150g of chicken breast – we use chicken mini fillets but I think this is about one chicken breast

Glug of olive oil or Fry Light

Basil leaves for garnish

healthy chicken pizza recipe

1. Slice up your peppers and scatter them on a baking tray along with the sweetcorn.  Give a good glug of olive oil over them, or spritz them with Fry Light, and put them in the over at gas mark 7 for 20 minutes.

healthy chicken pizza recipe

2. In the meantime, mix your Philadelphia in a bowl with whatever cajun or chipotle sauce works for you. You’ll want to find the right mix for you depending on how hot you like a sauce but for me it was a tablespoonful of cajun sauce mixed into the cheese.

3. Slice your chicken into strips and fry them in a frying pan until thoroughly cooked.  Then, use your hands to tear them into smaller strips about the size in the image below.

4.  By now, your veggie mix should be ready.  Take your wrap, spread the philly/cajun mix onto it.  Scatter your veggie mix onto it, then your chicken.  You can eat it like this if you don’t mind the wrap being cold. Personally I like to pop it back in the oven at the same temperature to crisp up the wrap and make the cheese all gooey.  This is what it looks like pre-oven.

5. Retrieve that tasty wrap out of the oven and sprinkle with some torn basil (we have a basil plant on our windowsill 🙂  Enjoy!

This recipe is super flexible so feel free to use different veggies and different quantities as you wish.  All of the measurements are quite rough but I make one portion (one pizza), 486 calories, 45g carbs, 19g of fat, 13g of protein., 5g of fibre.  All in all a tasty treat and not too bad for the waistline!  I don’t watch my fat intake but if you do you could of course use this with Philadelphia Light to cut the calories.  I worked it out to be 11 Pro Points on Weight Watchers so not too bad for an evening meal.  Let me know if you make this!

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