Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist (and a video!)

I’m not sure I can really call these weekly wishlists any more, I don’t seem to be able to commit to doing anything on a regular basis on my blog at the moment.  Life really takes over sometimes doesn’t it? What with my birthday and the several celebrations I had for that, along with the horrendous stomach bug I had for most of this week I’ve been a bit AWOL from the computer to be honest, which is fine.  I’m certainly not going to step away from cake and bunting to make sure I post something on the blogular on a certain day!

So, what’s on my wishlist at the moment?  Well, I seem to be having a bit of a White Pepper moment right about now and am currently lusting after all of their dresses, especially their smock dresses [] and this gorgeous sailor dress [1].  Also my Nike trainers collection is growing rather rapidly, having acquired two new pairs last week, I love these Nike Capri IIIs [7] and the Nike Zoom Vomeros [2].  I am very envious of my brother’s trainers collection after seeing him the weekend before last, he has some amazing pairs of Nikes, I just need my feet to grow a few sizes so I can pinch them all!

Since I made my little YouTube video (see below for my second attempt!) I’ve been getting a bit addicted to watching lots of videos too – I’ve mentioned before that I always feel a bit ‘rubbish’ at make-up so I’ve been watching lots of Zoella’s videos for some tips (I spent a small fortune in Superdrug after watching her top high street makeup video).  It’s made me realise that I really need to update my make-up brushes collection (which are mostly ELF circa about five years ago) so I am hoping to pick up the Real Techniques brush set at some point [].

I got a little bit of birthday money so I decided to get the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch [7] after seeing people rave about that, and the FT4.  I discovered at the weekend however that I can actually use the watch I use for running (Garmin 110) indoors to measure heart rate and calories so I need to get my head round whether I need both now (should have done my research!).

A couple of other little bits I love – this Lucy Lighthouse Skater Dress from ModDolly [4] – swoon! And who could resist a fox backpack? [] Finally, this spiked fedora hat is awesome – I have quite the collection of hats like this but not one with spikes on, so I think I can make room! [].

The make-up I bought and the Polar watch are mentioned in my second YouTube video – this time about things that arrived in the post for me this week.  The audio is a bit rubbish and the lighting isn’t great so sorry about that, I’m really still learning about making videos so please excuse it not being perfect!

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