The real me

I’m not sure that this is really the most fashion-forward or inspiring outfit I’ve ever posted, but to be honest I love taking opportunities to post things that are really ‘me’ – the sort of thing I throw on at the weekend to go for lunch or into town.  Of course I like posting what I wore out to dinner when I get dressed up, or those occasions I put on a dress and really make an effort but it’s nice to be able to post something that feels like it fits well with my personality, and to show you things that come out of my wardrobe on a fairly regular basis. One of those things at the moment is my current favourite Nike trainers, my Starlets – they’re on sale at Spartoo at the moment but they’ve sold out quite fast so you’re in luck if you’re a 3.5!  I really like white pumps with skinny jeans, it’s a laid back look I always come back to.  These are my favourite jeans too, my Topshop Jamie jeans – cringingly on this same afternoon I changed the ink on our printer and got ink on them which won’t come out even with a ton of Vanish so I’ve now had to buy a new pair, luckily I found these on ASOS for £14 and absolutely love them so it didn’t end up being too costly!

I wore this outfit last Sunday to go to the pub with Tom – he’d been out kitesurfing and I’d just been lolling around tidying up and doing blog stuff so when he came home we fancied a spontaneous lunch out and headed to a Vintage Inns pub near us called the Crown Inn.  To be honest it was really disappointing and I must admit I sent them a bit of a whinge-y email (yes I’m one of those people!), the food was rubbish and the service was terrible (how come in pubs and restaurants it sometimes feels like the more staff they have the more you get ignored?) 

Despite the hankerings for Autumn I expressed in my last post, I must admit I’ve been enjoying the sunny weather we’ve had the last few days.  At the beginning of the week Tom and I went out into the forest after work for a dog walk with Bodhi and it really felt like we maximised our evening and made the most of the sunshine.  I’m really looking forward to this long weekend, especially if the weather holds out.  We have some of my family visiting from Durham on the Monday so we’re planning a fun day of hiring a boat to go for a little pootle up the river and then a big pub lunch at a country pub and then a dog walk in the forest.  Fun times! What have you all got planned for the Bank Holiday weekend?