Pudding Lane

Our kitchen has always been a bit of sore point in our house.  The cabinets, cupboards and worktops are all green, which is definitely an odd colour scheme.  When we bought our house we looked at every one in the area until this was the only one left. I refused to entertain the idea of living somewhere with a green kitchen. In the end, we viewed it, accepted that it had great potential and snapped it up, green kitchen and all.  One day I’d like to get a brand new kitchen, but for now, we live with it. Some people even really like it! (Hmm).

I get a lot of joy from dressing the rooms we’ve redone since we moved in, but when I was recently asked if I’d like to review something from Out There Interiors, I thought I’d show the kitchen a little bit of love and give it a talking point to take away from all the green.  I picked this Vintage Street Sign (£49*) – I thought the name was very appropriate for a kitchen! Although, I do hope it’s not a bad omen, Pudding Lane is where the Great Fire of London started in a bakery in 1666.  Will have to be vigilant about making sure the cooker’s turned off after dinner! There are 33 different options you can go for and they really do look very vintage-y, I absolutely adore ours.  I think it would go with any theme, contemporary or vintage.

There are some really lovely things on Out There Interiors, make sure you give them a look if you’re after some new furnitute or home accessories.  I adored Charlene’s C letter light which she featured on her blog last week, it’s really unique! This kitchen tools hanger is high on my wishlist – it would look amazing with vintage pans, colanders and sieves hanging from it.  I’d better get saving!

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