Birthday adventure day

The days are whizzing by at the moment.  Somehow it’s already Friday, and the edges of memories of a day of sunny walks, gently lapping waves at Winspit and homemade cider in a beer garden are being blurred. Luckily however, one of the lovely presents I got on my birthday from Tom was a handheld videocamera, which I charged in the morning whilst getting ready and took with me on our day of birthday fun.  I’ve made a YouTube video about my day, which I hope you’ll enjoy!

It’s funny that I loved filming and editing this video as much as I did as I previously had no interest in the medium of video at all, but I think I’ve rather been bitten by the bug now! I’m going to try my hand at making some more videos and learning to use video editing software so I hope you’ll enjoy whatever I end up creating.  Please give me a subscribe or a like if you like it, I promise not to do so much mega enunciation in my videos in future, I need to snap out of my previous experience as a Press Officer and be a bit more natural!

Anyway, onto the day.  Photography is still my first love and so of course I captured the day with my trusty SLR for those of you that aren’t video fans.  I’ll always do both as I know before I started watching YouTube videos I always liked to see photos too.

We started off in Ringwood, at Boston Tea Party for breakfast.  It’s a really lovely little café (part of an independent chain) that serves homemade, fresh food and are renowned in our area for their breakfasts.  I had pancakes with Applewood smoked bacon and maple syrup, and Tom had their full breakfast.  All washed down with a yummy mug of Chai Latté.

pancakes and maple syrup

We then headed on to Corfe Castle, a partially demolished castle and medieval village in Wareham. Unfortunately, due to it being school holidays, the car parks were full and there was a glut of traffic trying to get into the village.  In the end we took one look at the huge queue to get in and decided to go for a walk instead.  The village itself is really pretty.

corfe castle village

We took Bodhi for a long walk in some fields around the castle.  The sun shined down on us from a beautiful blue sky as Bodhi trotted and sniffed his way through the long grass.  We got the beautiful views of Corfe Castle even if we didn’t get to actually go in.

corfe castle

After our walk we headed to The Blue Pool, a huge, as the name suggests, pool, which constantly changes colour due to the clay in the water.  There’s also lovely woodland walks around the pool and lots of native nature to spot.  I had a voucher from Living Social for entry and afternoon tea for two so we had a slow nose around and through the woods and then went for our cream tea at the tearooms.

uk fashion blogger

blue pool furzebrook

forest around blue pool
scones and jam

After our walk around the Blue Pool we then headed on to Worth Matravers.  The local pub, the Square and Compass, gets rave reviews for its offering of homebrewed ales and ciders, and pasties and pies.  We decided to have a drink, go for a walk to work up an appetite and head back later for some food.  The cider was very strong, with a rather interesting flavour.  I must admit I felt a little lightheaded when we headed down into the village to walk to the cliffs at Winspit!  The walk was beautiful though, huge open fields full of cows and sheep and the landscape slowly declining towards picturesque views from the top of the cliffs.  It was quite a steep ramble down onto the rocky ledge that met the sea, but well worth it to sit and enjoy the gently rolling waves and views of the cliffs along the Jurassic Coast.  As well as all the rock pools with all manner of marine life tucked away in them (I love looking in rock pools!)

path from worth matravers to winspit

beach at winspit

bournemouth fashion blogger

After enjoying the sound of the sea for some time we walked back up to the pub in Worth Matravers.  By then we’d probably walked about six miles over the course of the day so despite the pancakes and cream tea I still had a little room for one of their homemade pasties! I went for a steak pasty and a lovely cold glass of rosé.

By then it was about 6.30 and time to head home.  We were going home via the Studland Chain Ferry as I’d never been on it and Tom absolutely loves it! Unfortunately, again due to school holidays and it being a lovely day, there was a humongous queue and in the end it took about an hour and a half to get back over to Poole.  I hopped out of the van and took some photos of Poole harbour, it looked beautiful with the sun going down.

There was just one more stop on the way back and that was to visit my friend Kate, who had kindly treated me to a whole hamper full of goodies relating to another present I got as well as a beautiful bunch of flowers. I think I’ll tell you all about what a lucky sausage I was with the presents I got another day!

As you can imagine, after all of that it was well and truly time for bed.  I slept like a log after all of our adventuring! And then, it was Thursday, and it was all over for another year.  The next birthday is a biggun!

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