Tom and Bodhi’s TK Maxx photoshoot

In a blog-related capacity, Tom is usually found hiding behind the camera, furiously snapping away and laughing at my silly poses.  So when I was contacted recently to see if I wanted to try out the new Men’s Mod Box range for TK Maxx, I knew someone who was probably long due their own dose of the limelight (not to mention £50 worth of new clothes!)

The new men’s Mod Box range is more ‘trend-led’ than their main range – think patterned short sleeved shirts, coloured chinos, logo/slogan t-shirts and lots of ‘streetwear’ brands.  I had to go to the Southampton store on my own as Tom and I went together to the Bournemouth Castlepoint store but they didn’t stock it, so I ended up picking out the clothes for Tom – luckily he liked them all (and they fit!) He was a pretty happy boy a couple of weeks ago when he came home to a pile of new clothes!

Also, turns out that Tom is way better at outfit photos and posing than me.  I might give him a regular slot! Of course Bodhi had to sneak into some of the shots too… I had lots of fun being behind the camera for once and being the one that gets to shout “You blinked!” and “Stop squinting!”

1st – 4th photo: hoodie – tk maxx £24.99* | chinos: tk maxx: £16.99*

trainers: nike | t-shirt: billabong | dog: model’s own

5th – 7th photo: as before, but coat: tk maxx: £16.99*

Overall I was really impressed with the men’s Mod Box range, there was some really nice stuff in there for some bargainous prices – the chinos I picked up are nearly three times the price on the brand website. Make sure you check out the stores that sell the men’s Mod Box as not all of them stock the full range.  Having a mooch around both the stores whilst picking some things for Tom reminded me how much I love TK Maxx – I had to keep my purse firmly shut but I might allow myself a little nose around come payday!

Do you shop at TK Maxx? More importantly, should I give up blogging and hand over the reins to Tom?

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