Shooting stars, dungarees

We have a bit of a ritual at work that when something arrives in the post for me (and it’s usually clothes), I unpack them so my lovely friend Kate can have a good old nose at what I’ve been ordering.  When these dungarees were unwrapped they got something of an unsure reception.  “Dungarees, really?”, I believe was the phrase used.  So unconvinced was Kate that I promised to send her a photo when I got home of me wearing them to show that they didn’t look absolutely ridiculous (which of course is a matter of opinion). Kate conceded in the end and I fell deeply in love with my new dungarees (kindly sent to me by Hidden Fashion and at a bargainous price of £12.99).

A couple of the photos look a bit unflattering but I promise it’s not the dungarees (or my previous weekend of predominantly consuming cake), it’s actually that the top I’m wearing is quite a long top and I think it got a bit bunched up.  Next time I’ll be trying them with a crop top for extra comfort (and cool points).

hat: oxfam (vintage) | dungarees: hidden fashion* £12.99 | top: anthropologie [old] | two-tone wedges: emma go [old]

I know I’ll be getting lots of wear out of them over the coming months as I really do love them.  I considered wearing them to Lovebox Festival yesterday but getting that level of undressed in a festival toilet is not high on my list of wants….

What do you think of the dungaree trend?

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