Retro sweets

Sweets would probably make my top ten all time favourite things list.  Maybe top five.  Few things can replace the childhood joy of saving up pocket money and spending it all on pic ‘n’ mix or ordering treats from the rows of colourful jars lined along shelves in the local sweet shops.  Remember when there was so much trust abound in shopkeepers that you’d fill a paper bag up with sweets in the local One Stop (Circle K anyone?) and the lady behind the counter would just ask ‘How much?’ (And you’d have no idea, so you’d just guess and then round it down a little bit…)

I can’t say I’ve ever grown out of my love of sweets.  The demise of Woolworth’s was a sad day for me; I have lots of happy memories of filling up bags with all manner of sugary treats (except for jelly snakes, they were too heavy and made it too expensive) and then spending the afternoon gorging on them until I felt sick. These days I love a good bag of Haribo or Sour Skittles, but nothing can replace good old fashioned, sweet shop sweets.  Bubblegum bottles, chocolate mice, shrimps, strawberry bon bons, giant strawberries, Wham bars… just thinking about them has my mouth watering! So when The Gobstopper kindly offered me a jar of their retro sweets, I knew just what to choose.  Their click and mix jars come in three different sizes, this small jar costs £9.99* and can be filled with three different choices of sweets.  I chose fish and chips, rosy apples and sour apples.

It arrived a couple of days later in a lovely Kilner Jar, with a sweet little Gobstopper luggage tag tied on with string, full to the brim with my chosen sweeties! (My mouth really was literally watering as I took these photos, I wanted to dig in immediately!)

When it arrived, my first thought was ‘That’s not going to last long!’ but actually the jar holds a deceptive amount.  A week later there are still two or three rosy apples at the bottom of the jar (the fish and chips were the first to go!).  I’m looking forward to cleaning it out once its finished and using it for something else as the jar is so nice (let’s face it, it will probably be filled with more sweets!) The jars are great for a movie night in or for giving as a gift (it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, hint hint!)

Overall I’d definitely recommend The Gobstopper – check out their site for lots of other retro sweets, American candy, gift boxes and even wedding favours.

What’s your favourite sweet shop sweet?

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