Reiss Wishlist

Like the biscuit tin on the top shelf of the cupboard in the kitchen, clothing brand Reiss has always felt seductively out of reach for me.  Although I’m frequently known to wander around John Lewis, cooing at their beautiful tailored dresses, floaty tops and gathered skirts, I’m also just as frequently known to issue a furtive glance at the price tag and walk away.  In the last year or so I’ve been training myself to keep to my mantra of ‘buy less, buy better’, which has meant breaking away from unnecessary splurges in Primark and moving more towards buying ‘investment pieces’ which will last me for seasons to come.  Although this has meant the addition of better quality handbags and shoes, I still haven’t convinced myself to spend out as much on clothes.  If anyone were to lure me into spending in excess of £100 on a dress, or £75 on a pair of shorts however, I think it could be Reiss.  Their newest collection, all blushes and cornflower blues, sharp leather jackets and hints of acid green has me thinking that the next time I’m swooning over something from their range I might just have to save up my pennies and make that journey to the till.

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Until I get really brave however, they do have a pretty awesome sale on at the moment.  That seems like a pretty good place to start to ease me in gently.

Are you a fan of Reiss?

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