Hell for leather

I must admit to being kind of envious of anyone who can pull
off leather in a daytime ensemble (except leather jackets, which these days are
pretty standard fare).  I think I have
something of a fashion split-personality since, as much as I love pretty
dresses, I also love the more rock/grunge trends – studded boots, beanies,
ripped denim and flannel shirts all feature in my wardrobe and are perfect for
more casual days.  I’ve long lusted after
adding a pair of leather shorts to my repertoire but I’m not sure I could pull
them off.  Who else but Olivia Palermo
could rock leather shorts whilst walking the dog? Not me, that’s for sure.   I’m definitely not convinced that dogs and
items of clothing that require professional cleaning are a good match.

img credit: http://www.celebritystyleguide.com

Leather trousers have also had dalliances in the fashion
spotlight recently.  Personally I adore
my AA Disco Pants and wet look leggings but I don’t know I’m brave enough to go
leather.  I’m definitely not sure they’d
work in the current heatwave (please let it continue!) Some of the images on
Lookbook make me wish I was a bit more daring with my fashion choices (or that
I had the legs of most of the Lookbookers in the leather trouser-ed outfits!)

img credit: lookbook.nu

After all
the considerations, two leather products I am dedicated to, and don’t have to
worry about fitting my bum in, getting dog dribble on, or impending heatwaves,
when wearing, are leather
and leather shoes (check out
some lovely ones I’ve seen in Hobbs

These days I find that leather shoes are a much better
investment than ‘man-made’ shoes – they’re more comfortable and they last a
whole lot longer.  The same goes for
handbags.  I love the quality and feel of
a leather handbag, and it feels like an investment rather than something that’s
going to end up in the bin a few months later.

Do you own leather shorts or trousers? Are you dedicated to
leather shoes and handbags?

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