Hair decisions

I am a big time chopper and changer when it comes to my hair.  It mostly just goes in cycles of me trying to grow it, then getting annoyed at it and chopping it short.  Then repeat.  After the last 18 months of trying to grow it, I’m now at the second stage and considering going back to a short bob.  If I’m honest, I dream of looking like this – albeit it would mean dying my hair dark auburn – but my hair is so thick and unmanageable that by the time I’m halfway there it starts annoying me so much I end up on the phone to my hairdresser sharpish.  This is me with a couple of short-ish bobs from a few years back, do you think it suits me more? (The second photo is a Hallowe’en photo, we were zombie cheerleaders….)

One thing I have always been happy with luckily, is my hair colour.  Although I’ve swayed between my more natural hair colour as in the second photo, and the platinum blonde of recent years, I’ve always stuck to blonde as I know it’s what suits me best.  Although my most recent colour was via highlights at the hairdressers, prior to that I’ve always done my colour myself and had good results out of a box.  I’ve been browsing around for my next colour and particularly looking at the Nice ‘n Easy range of blonde colours.  Their root touch-up also sounds good, although it’s usually Tom that helps me with colouring my roots so I’ll have to get him to do the review when I pick some up!

Are you a chopper and changer or do you keep to one hairstyle? Do you think I should go for a bob again?

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