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I really don’t need another excuse to waste time on the internet (this is me) – between Pinterest, trawling eBay for local bargains, reading blogs and having a constant eye on Tweetdeck I’ve pretty much got internet based procrastination covered.  But being a relentless shopaholic, a furious bookmarker of wants and someone who likes putting together boards and looks, when I heard about Style In View I knew it was something I wanted to have a play with.  Along with being able to search for items across absolutely tons of brands (including ASOS, Debenhams, New Look and Topshop), you can now also create ‘looks’ and add items to them along with looking at other collections on the ‘Get the Look‘ page.  It could be a complete outfit or you could use it to bookmark several items for an occasion or wishlist.  As I was at a festival last weekend and will be off to another this afternoon, I’ve decided to bookmark some of my favourite items for a summer festival.  Once you’ve created your ‘look’, you can share it or embed it in a blog post like so;

A Rosie Outlook

Summer festival

I’ll definitely be coming back to my Summer Festival look come payday and treating myself to a couple of items.  The search facility is really useful and led to me finding my favourite Motel dress (the Penny dress) in another pattern, as well as the Oasis denim skater dress with Peter Pan collar, which must be mine.

Style In View is really easy to use and I’ll definitely be using the ‘Create a look’ function again, I can see it being useful for birthday and Christmas wishlists as well as planning holiday or weekend-away outfits.  Are you an internet procrastinator like me? Have you used Style In View before? 

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