Weekly Bookmarked Wishlist

Here’s what I’m currently lusting after.  Well, I’m going to schedule this post for whilst I’m away on holiday (yes, I know, I’ve become that annoying person that mentions that they’re on holiday every five minutes!) so this is what I was lusting after before I went away.  I’m kind of hoping I come back with a bit of my spending money as I really fancy treating myself to that beautiful ring.  And if not, well, my birthday’s in August and I plan on dropping a lot of hints to Tom (Tom, if you’re reading this, consider this your first hint…)1. Iris bag | Jack Wills | £142. Tea Time dress | Bonne Chance | $48.993.  Sandals | Emma Go at Spartoo shoes | £1144. Wedges | Kurt Geiger | £140  5. Alpha ring | Daisy | £376. Quilted tee | ASOS | £18What are you lusting after this month?

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| this is a scheduled post, I’m currently away on holiday |