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Those of us who use Pinterest know that it’s so much more than just a website.  Home of the pretty, practical, clever and inspiring – a place to find ideas for the home, personal style, cooking and baking and beautiful words and graphics.  Or, a place to save those that you find in other corners of the internet.  You can while away hours curating your own boards full of things that excite and inspire (and believe me, I have).

Pinterest has always been loved, and available, worldwide, but they’ve recently launched a UK campaign to highlight and share a big group of UK bloggers and pin-addicts.  The campaign – ‘Pin it Forward UK’ involves 300 bloggers, over 30 days, sharing boards and introducing other prolific pinners.  The element of collaboration, community, and sharing seems to underpin (*groan*) the concept of Pinterest and so I thought this was a wonderful campaign as soon as I heard about it, and I’ve been really enjoying discovering new boards and pins via this pin-orama around the interweb.  You can see the list of blogs involved on the Pin it Forward UK Kickoff page, as well as following it on Twitter via #pinitforwardUK.

The main things I use Pinterest for are inspiration for things to do in our home or garden, things to cook or bake, fashion and hair ideas and quotes and graphics.  Here are some of my favourite boards…

So, back to Pin it Forward.  I was kindly introduced by Tom from Daydream in Blue.  I’m over the moon that this campaign has allowed me to find his blog, it is so up my street and I absolutely adore it.  Tom introduced me and my ‘featured board’ which is my garden inspiration board:

Tom and my’s blogs are quite similar but the person I’m introducing represents a bit of a change and really illustrates the diversity of Pinterest.  I’m pinning forward to Russell, who runs Coach Cox – a blog about Ironman Training and Triathlon Coaching – wow.  His Pinterest page features books to read, swim sessions, recipes and kit.

If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to join Pinterest and join in on all the fun.
You can sign up here.

Are you a Pinterest addict? What are your favourite things to pin? 

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