Five favourites

I always love lists of favourite things and blog posts that feature them so I thought I’d do my own this week – and because putting it together has made me smile there will definitely be more in future.  I feel really passionately about sharing favourite blogs and blog posts as we’re a little community in the blogosphere and I think it’s really positive to highlight the work we all put in and drive traffic towards awesome little corners of the interweb! Without further ado, here are some recent favourite things of mine.

unexpected packages

fresh flowers

birds feeding in our garden

reading magazines in bed

99s from the ice cream van

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From Gem With Love | Sunny Sweet Pea | Hello Flower | Raspberry Kitsch | Rosie Posie Rosie

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post, if you do ‘favourites’ round-ups please link me to them as I love reading them!

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