Dotty Disco

This is the outift I wore to the Benefit Stay Flawless event a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve mentioned before on here that for some reason what I love buying and what I love wearing feel like they’re two different things at the moment – I naturally gravitate towards pretty dresses but when it comes to pulling together an outfit I’m really loving trousers and tops.  There will always be a place in my heart for dresses but I sometimes get annoyed at having to decide whether to wear tights (or shave and fake tan your legs!), having nipped in waistbands that feel a bit tight after lunch, having to decide whether sleeveless is appropriate for work, and so on.  I guess I am just going through a bit of a lazy stage!

Not that AA Disco Pants are the ultimate in comfort wear! I must admit it does slightly amuse me that I own an item of clothing that I have to lie down in order to do up.  I’ve only worn them a handful of times – do they stretch a little over time? (I’m hoping so!) I’m also never quite sure what to do with the leg length, they’re way too long so I tend to turn them up but I know people don’t normally turn up Disco Pants – they should do a petite version for us shortbums!

trousers: american apparel disco pants £74 | blouse: uniqlo £14.90*
necklace: lola pop | shoes: fat face [old]

I was kindly sent this blouse by Uniqlo and it’s become a real favourite of mine.  It’s perfect with jeans and trousers and lightweight enough to be summer-y.  I love the drop shoulders and open neck.  I’m a huge fan of Uniqlo at the moment (well, always really), I love how affordable they are and yet you don’t feel like you’re wearing something that I would describe as ‘budget fashion’.  Their collaborations are always great too.

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